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5 Items

How do T-Mobile Prepaid SIM card options work?

When a tourist travels to a country the first thing he/she thinks of is how to stay connected during such a trip. The good news is that with a modern-day smartphone you can stay in touch with friends and family who are back home with a USA T-Mobile Prepaid SIM card to take advantage of it's better deals and less expensive plans for mobile users.

With the T-Mobile Tourist SIM Kit know being discontinued, there are actually better options available with better value.

If you only want to use a moderate amount of 4G data, texts and minutes while you’re away, why not look at our 4GB SIM Card, which also comes with Unlimited minutes and texts within the USA and Hawaii. You’ll be able to share any photos you may have while you’re away with friends and family back home.

Alternatively, if you need a plan that caters to your digital needs, take a look at our Unlimited T-Mobile 4G SIM. With Unlimited texts and minutes available, you’ll be able to catch up with friends and use Maps or search the web to find the best deals routes the site while on the go. 

Our T-Mobile Prepaid SIM Cards work like any other T-Mobile SIM card, and are available in standard, micro and nano versions. Our TMobile SIM card options can only be used in mobile phone. Simply place the SIM card into the device and the SIM will already be ready to work. Your plan will begin from the arrival date you provide, so ensure that this date is correct and accurate to when you land.