Prepaid USA Sim Card 3GB (H2O / ATT)

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H20 / ATT Sim Card for USA

  • H2O / ATT Sim Sim Card (3-in-1 sim; includes Standard, Micro and Nano)
  • 3GB 4G Data (for Plans with more Data Click here)
  • Unlimited Calls within USA to USA Mobiles and Landlines
  • Unlimited Texts to USA Mobiles
  • Unlimited Calls to Landlines to 50 Other Countries including Australia, New Zealand, UK and more
  • $10 International Talk Credit
  • Unlimited Text to any country
  • No Incoming call charges from any country
  • Nationwide Coverage, including Hawaii. Coverage Checker
  • Please note: this sim card can only be used in Mobiles Phones and NOT in any data only devices such as, iPads, Tablets, Wifi Dongles and Mifi devices.
  • No hotspotting/tethering
  • Please read "Things to Know" section below for more information
***Please note: Current stock must be activated before 30th of June 2019. If you are travelling after after this date, please purchase at a later date. ***

How to Activate the sim card?

The sim card will automatically activate based on the arrival date provided at the time of purchase. Your 30 day plan will begin from the arrival date you provide. Should you wish to change this date after your purchase, please contact us atleast 3 days prior to your noted arrival date, so we can change the commencement date of your 30 day service. You can email us at to do this.

How do I find out my phone number?

Your local USA phone number is only generated once your sim card has been activated, which is when your 30 day service commences. Upon arriving in the USA and after inserting the sim card in your mobile phone, you will automatically receive a text message from H2O Wireless noting your local USA phone number.

Can I get my phone number earlier?

When a sim is activated we are able to retrieve the phone number from the system. As an option, if you are travelling for less than 30 days you can look at providing an earlier arrival date when purchasing the sim card, again bearing in mind that your 30 days will begin from that point. You can then e-mail us on the day of the arrival date you provided requesting your phone number which we can then forward to you. You will still receive the text message with your phone number when you land in USA.

International Calling

This Sim card comes with $10 International Talk Credit for calling International mobiles. Calls to International Mobiles have a per minute rate. Please check here for call rates.

We recommend that you use data based apps such as Whatsapp, Viber, Skype, etc to make international phone calls rather than adding credit for international calls.

Additional Sim Card Information:

If you are travelling with another person it is important to have the ability to contact one another at any time especially in an emergency. We highly advise that you both purchase a sim card so you can keep in touch.

International SIM cards require your phone to be unlocked, if you are unsure please contact your service provider for more details.

These Travel sim cards for travellers are prepaid and come with set features. So there are no hidden fees or roaming costs and as such we will never charge you more than what you pay at the checkout.

Plans are subject to change without notice by the carrier but we will do our best to inform you of any changes as soon as they arise.

How to Recharge?

The USA SIM Card plan will last only 30 Days from activation and cannot be recharged. If you are travelling for more than 30 days, please purchase multiple sim cards and provide different arrival dates for each sim. For example, if you are travelling from 01 April to 30 May, please put the arrival date for one sim as 01 April and the second sim as 01 May.

Once you have exceeded your data limit, your data service will stop and you will only be able to make calls and send texts.


Shipping and Delivery Time

Items are normally dispatched either the same day or by the next business day.

Within UK:

Sim Cards shipped to the UK

3-5 Business Days once dispatched (Tracking Included) - £4.18

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