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Travel Data SIM Card - USA

SIMCorner Provides Travel SIM Cards with Talk, Text and Data for USA International Travellers

SIMCorner is an Australian company, specialising in providing our customers with prepaid SIM cards for international travel. We have partnered with some of the largest mobile telecommunication providers in the world to supply the best networks and options for international travellers. We offer country specific, international, prepaid SIM cards, packed and ready to go before you ever get onto the plane.

SIMCorner Sells Travel SIM Cards Online for Travellers

SIMCorner makes planning ahead easy for travellers through their online store. Travellers need only browse our extensive range online, order the products that best suit their travelling needs and sit back and relax while we organise them to be delivered straight to your door. After a simple installation of the new SIM card, your phone will be ready for use as soon as you land at your destination. Most of our cards even come preloaded with data so that you can connect to Google Maps instantly when you get off the plane.

By using a prepaid travel SIM card, travellers avoid roaming fees and poor coverage while they are out of the country. By using a prepaid SIM card, you can save over 85% of the mobile roaming fees that would come from using your normal Australian SIM card. Our prepaid SIM cards give your mobile phone access to the largest networks, all over the world, so you are never out of reach.

USA Travel SIM Cards with Data, Provide Travellers with Coverage and Savings

Purchasing USA travel SIM cards before leaving Australia saves you even more. The USA travel SIM with data, would cost travellers 100 dollars USD, or approximately 115 AUD, if purchased from a T-Mobile Store in USA. However, for the same plan, you could save about 40 dollars, based off of USA retail pricing. Our offer includes a free USA Travel SIM Card, unlimited talk and text within USA, nationwide coverage including Hawaii, unlimited 4G data on your phone. Also get Unlimited international calls to land lines in more than 75 countries, including Australia, unlimited international texting to more than 200 countries including Australia, for only $15 more to receive calls or send texts overseas.

When purchasing your travel SIM cards, USA retail pricing does not include the card itself. Our SIMCorner travel SIM Card, USA plans are a better deal for our Australian customers, and allow them to have the card ready to go before they get to the USA. We try to always offer the best options for our customers, and buying before leaving Australia gives travellers a more affordable, convenient deal.

Before you travel internationally, it is important to plan ahead and make sure that you will have everything you need. At SIMCorner, we can help you make sure that you and your mobile phone will have service and not run up roaming fees while you are overseas. With your prepaid travel SIM cards, you can be connected before you ever get off the plane, and confident that your phone is ready to go.