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Prepaid Australia and New Zealand SIM Cards

New Zealand is known throughout the world for its majestic beauty, with it being known affectionately by some as Middle Earth, a reference to its sweeping landscapes being the backdrop for The Lord of the Rings films. The natural beauty of these islands is truly the main reason people love to visit, and if you’re planning a trip to New Zealand you should certainly look to spend at least a week.


Do Australian SIM cards work in New Zealand?

Some Australian telecommunications companies offer expensive roaming rates for people travelling to New Zealand. New Zealand is the most popular tourist destination for Australians, who often spend several days visiting their neighbouring country. For trips longer than a few days the costs can quickly add up. Purchasing a local New Zealand SIM card is the best option for travellers, who are likely to spend more than a week travelling around New Zealand.

It would be a shame if this once in a lifetime trip was overshadowed by expensive roaming charges and poor network coverage. That’s why we at SimCorner have gathered our three favourite NZ travel SIM deals for you to choose from. All of them come with Standard, Micro and Nano SIMs, at least 200 Minutes and 200 texts to Australia, Canada, USA, UK and other selected countries and can be used in your Apple iPads or Tablets as well as mobile phones.

>For example, if you’re visiting Auckland and want enough data to look up sites around the city throughout your day, why not try our 10GB data New Zealand SIM card?

If you’re planning to have a digital detox during your stay but would still like enough minutes to be able to call friends and family in case of emergency, take a look at our 1.5GB data New Zealand SIM card - that way you can make the most of the outdoors while resting easy in the knowledge that you have a plan B.

Many travellers often combine a trip to New Zealand with a trip to its barbeque-mad neighbour Australia. Check out our Australia Travel SIM Card.

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