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Travel USA on a Budget – Be Prepared with a USA Travel Sim Card with Unlimited Data

There are many ways to save money on a trip to the USA. One of the very first things you should do is purchase a USA travel sim card for your mobile phone. You may have heard horror stories about travellers who see some of the greatest sites in the world only to return home to Australia and receive an astronomical mobile phone bill. International roaming charges are something that you want to avoid.

SIMCorner is an Australian company that has partnered with some of the world’s largest telecommunications companies to offer travellers prepaid sim cards. They are ready to go before you board your flight. Once you land, the card is activated and gives you unlimited local talk and text in the USA as well as unlimited 4G data. You will have immediate access to Google maps, and you will save yourself up to 85 percent on your mobile fees. In addition to saving on your mobile fees, you can also save money on your trip to the States a few other ways.

Cheap Hotels

If you are truly about travel and want to see the sights, you can save money by finding cheaper places to stay at night. The first thing you can do in advance of your trip is to sign up for a hotel credit card and earn points. You might be able to accumulate enough points to acquire enough nights for your entire stay. If not, you still have options like cheaper hotels. Skip the Hilton and the Marriot and spend a night in a Motel 6 or a Super 8. Rooms will start at about $40USD instead of over $100USD. With your USA data sim and unlimited 4G data, you can easily book rooms while traveling through the States.

When you get to the States, go online and purchase a National Parks pass. For about $80USD, you will get access to every single national park in the USA. That includes Yosemite and Yellowstone National Parks and the Grand Canyon, three that anyone visiting the States should see. If you spend any time in the western United States, national parks are everywhere, and you can see them all. In addition, if you are not opposed to camping, all the national parks offer cheap campsites. You can camp for $10 to $30 a night instead of staying in a more expensive hotel.

Your Biggest Cost May Be Food

One of your biggest travel expenses will be food. Constantly eating out will add up quickly even you eat at fast food restaurants. Food is cheap and plentiful in the States. Consider cooking a few of your own meals from time to time. You can save hundreds of dollars by doing so.

Save on food, hotels, and do not forget to purchase a USA travel sim to save on your mobile fees. The more you save, the more you can spend on attractions, souvenirs, and more. Get your data sim card from SIMCorner to take advantage of our home delivery service!

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