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We're all about taking the hassle out of purchasing International Prepaid SIM cards and doing away with dreaded global roaming fees forever!


With Prepaid SIM cards on offer for most popular travel destinations, purchase your international prepaid sim cards before you travel and join us in simplifying the lives of travellers.

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Prepaid SIM card queries? Our favourite travel destinations? Lonely on the other side of the globe? We want to hear from you - don't hesitate to start the conversation today!

About us

SimCorner is an Australian Company that has partnered with some of the world’s largest mobile telecommunication providers to take the hassle out of international travel by offering country specific international prepaid SIM cards – ready to go before you even get on the plane.

Travellers who want to purchase an International SIM card before they travel and save themselves from expensive Roaming fees, whether you are in Australia, UK, USA or other parts of the world, let us help you Simplify your travels. Buy online now and Save!

  • Hi Simcorner team, We recently purchased two sim cards for you for use in Honolulu, where we spent around 3 weeks over Christmas. We were visiting in laws, friends and travelling with a 1 year old, so being contactable was a must. We thought this would cost us a fortune (given the high cost of sim cards in the US), so were thrilled to find your business. We discovered you by accident on ano...>> View All


  • Hi I just wanted to say thank you for selling a data/sim card whilst I was heading to Bali. I could use 1.3GB of data whilst on a work trip. I will be heading to the US in late January and would like to buy another sim prior to my trip. >> View All


  • Hi Simcorner Team, I would like to congratulate you on a fantastic service in providing me with my prepaid SIM card, activating the card and for such quick and patient responses to my many questions. I am currently in Oahu, Hawaii and I have been blown away by the fantastic coverage, Internet speed and, most importantly to me, call quality. Many other providers seem to have limited cov...>> View All

    Brian A

  • Morning Support Team I must say that you and your colleagues are really helpful and prompt. Thank you for that good service. >> View All

    Margaret N

  • Hi, Have just returned from the States – the Sim card worked a treat. I made many calls back to my wife and had full use of data, text and local calls Overall – excellent performance and great value Thanks heaps>> View All